Bloodystats is an addition to SimulationCraft. It helps to determine the best secondary stat distribution for talent combinations and fight styles. Beware that all limitations that apply to SimulationCraft apply to this addition, too. So don't consider it to be real REAL.

Make sure you installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 to 2015.

Hint: A normal dps simulation without stat scaling with 5k-10k iterations takes a while on your machine? Then this software will probably last ages.

Download: 07.11.2016 Bloodystats

additional dlls if simulations crash (~70MB better save than sorry, right?)

Only updated exe


Hit me up on Discord (Server changed) Channel:#bloodystats. @BloodmalletEU. Feedback highly appreciated!

Hint: Read the README.txt and FAQ-page



  • for further changelog head over to github to stay up to date


  • switched to spec-file
  • slight comment-changes
  • using github now. want to have a look?


  • removed DLL for C++ but changed how Bloodystats is build
  • new and shiny directory structure
  • made sure all DD classes and specs are named correctly


  • added more .dll, to hopefully make installing Microsoft C++ 2015 etc obsolete


  • corrected spelling errors
  • slight code changes to better differenciate between -grad and -+grad
  • fixed the simc call, to the new simc.exe


  • added -a, -+grad, --delta so everyone can decide accuracy and how Bloodystats calculates by themselfes
  • enabled -a and -+grad in calculation
  • changed what to feed simc and thus output a bit (who needs float anyway?)


  • did some wicked polishing of how to use differential evolution (Thanks to Architech!)


  • Added a shittonne of .dll to make it work with PowerShell (new downloadable package)
  • Added user friendly output header
  • Added failsafe to stat-import


  • Added class/spec support for all dps specs
  • Added user input check for class/spec
  • Polished differential evolution and how stat distribution is done