Table of Contents


Mystical Cauldron and Flask of the Endless Fathoms are equal.


  1. Bountiful Captain’s Feast
  2. Swamp Fish’n Chips
  3. Honey-Glazed Haunches


Battle Potion of Intellect


Battle-Scarred Augment Rune


Gear slot Enchant
Weapon Enchant Weapon - Quick Navigation.
Rings Whichever stat a) sims the highest and b) takes you closer to the stat ratios above.
Bracers Irrelevant, open world utility enchants. Safe Hearthing is probably a safe bet.
Gloves Irrelevant, open world utility enchants. No recommendation to be made here.


The Kraken’s Eye of Intellect and Quick Owlseye gems are of equal value. If the intellect gem is cheap, socket one, but odds are you will simply use the crit gem due to its availability.