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The elemental priority is fairly straightforward — the choice of which spell to cast next is often easy to make. We have done our best to condense the SimulationCraft Action Priority List (APL) into a human-readable, easy to understand form. If you want to investigate any minor details, please refer to the APL in SimulationCraft or contact us on Discord.

If you have suggestions with sim evidence to back them up, please let us know on Discord.

Single target / two targets

Talent selector:

  1. Cast Totem Mastery when any of the following are true:
    1. It is not active or you are out of range of the existing totems.
    2. You are about to enter Ascendance, and the buff would expire during Ascendance.
  2. Cast Flame Shock when any of the following are true:
    1. It is not active on the target.
    2. You are about to enter Ascendance.
    3. The debuff's duration is at or below 6 seconds remaining.
  3. Cast Fire Elemental / Storm Elemental / Earth Elemental on cooldown (see the warning about Primal Elementalist).
  4. Cast Ascendance on cooldown.
  5. Cast Liquid Magma Totem on cooldown.
  6. Cast Earth Shock if your Maelstrom is higher than 92, to avoid over-capping Maelstrom
  7. Cast Lava Burst.
  8. Cast Earth Shock.
  9. Refresh Totem Mastery if its duration is at or below 9 seconds remaining.
  10. Cast Chain Lightning if it will hit more than one target.
  11. Cast Lightning Bolt as a filler.
  12. Cast Frost Shock in place of Lightning Bolt while moving, even if you do not have Icefury.

AoE (3 or more targets)

  1. Cast Totem Mastery when any of the following are true:
    1. It is not active.
    2. The buff's duration is at or below 9 seconds remaining.
  2. Cast Fire Elemental / Storm Elemental / Earth Elemental on cooldown (see the warning about Primal Elementalist).
  3. Maintain 3 Flame Shocks if there are 3 targets.
  4. Cast Earthquake when available.
  5. Cast Lava Burst to consume Lava Surge procs.
  6. Cast Chain Lightning.


Follow the cast sequences below for your chosen opener. A red arrow indicates the time the boss is pulled. Please note that openers are a very minor and nit-picky increase (or sometimes decrease!), and adapting to the fight is much more important.

Standard raid opener:


Ascendance opener without Primal Elementalist:


Ascendance opener with Primal Elementalist:


Common misconceptions and mistakes

“I should try and play around Master of the Elements!”

The only time you should adjust your gameplay for Master of the Elements is when you have the liberty to cast a spell later with a MotE buff versus now – this means for a spell like Earth Shock, you can make the decision to wait until you have the Master of the Elements buff active before casting it (this is reflected in the priority above). This is thanks to the low urgency of Earth Shock casts, as you are not constrained by a cooldown or Maelstrom cast, since you can cast it at any point between 60 and 100 Maelstrom.

“I should cast Lightning Bolt during Ascendance if I have some powerful buffs for it active!”

During Ascendance you only want to spend your time casting Lava Burst and Earth Shock. Yes you’ll waste Exposed Elements and Master of the Elements but that’s fine.

“I should cast Elemental Blast during Ascendance!”

No. Elemental Blast doesn’t deal enough damage by quite a significant margin.

“I should cast Icefury with Master of the Elements during Ascendance!”

No. Your Ascendance is ideally used when Icefury is on cooldown and won’t get ready while you’re casting Lava Burst.

“I should only cast Lightning Bolt / Chain Lightning during Storm Elemental!”

During single target you’ll stick to the usual priority list. During AoE Chain Lightning becomes quickly more worth than Lava Burst. Nonetheless you should use Earthquake.

“I should delay Storm Elemental / Ascendance after each other to benefit from them more!”

Delaying either CD can easily result in an overall loss of a usage, which weights heavier during single target than not using the passive of Storm Elemental. During AoE you indeed want to spread out the usage, because Lava Beam doesn’t benefit from Storm Elemental passive.

“I should cast Flame Shock at 5.4 seconds remaining or lower!”

That’s correct but which human is able to accurately judge the difference between 5.4 seconds and 6 seconds. So we decided to present the easier to digest number in the priority list.

“I should cast Totem Mastery at less than 9 seconds remaining!”

Yes, the shorter the remaining duration, the less likely it is for you to need an additional cast of it over the whole fight. But because that is quite unlikely already, 9 is a good rule of thumbs. The overall dps won’t budge with that change.

Warning about Primal Elementalist

A problem that has existed for a while now is Primal Elementalist causing Fire Elemental and Earth Elemental to be exclusive with each other (intended) but summoning one while the other is active will simply put the new elemental on cooldown and not de-summon the existing elemental.

In addition all Elementals have autocasts. If you disable one on one Elemental all other Elementals will have that ability deactivated too. This is very annoying and we hope for a fix.

Combining Storm Elemental with Primal Elementalist enables access to Eye of the Storm. This powerful ability needs to be activated manually. Make sure to use it shortly after your Storm Elemental buffs itself with Call Lightning. Eye of the Storm is an incredible AoE CD and very useful for single target as well.