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10.06.2020 Source

In an upcoming build of Shadowlands, several changes have been made for both of the DPS Shaman specializations.

One quick note before discussing the specific changes to each spec, Searing Totem is being removed as a baseline button to all Shaman. Searing Totem was brought back in Shadowlands with the intention of Totems being a cool and iconic part of the Shaman class, but without significant redesign to the button to give it mechanical interaction and feeling impactful to press, it wound up feeling like just another cooldown you had to manage that didn’t have any excitement behind it.

# Elemental Shaman:

- Fulmination has been changed to be a guaranteed proc from Lightning Bolt and Lightning Bolt Overload.
- Chain Lightning has been decoupled from Fulmination entirely, but still grants Seismic Thunder stacks.
- Earthquake’s base damage has been reduced significantly, but Seismic Thunder now also increases the damage of Earthquake for each stack of Seismic Thunder consumed when cast.
- Fire Elemental’s previous interaction with bonus Fulmination proc chance has been redesigned. While Fire Elemental is active, the period of Flame Shock is reduced, which increases the DPS of any active Flame Shock debuff and also increases the chance of gaining the Lava Surge effect. Additionally while Fire Elemental is active, any newly cast Flame Shock will have its Duration increased by 100%.
- Lightning Shield will now grant the Shaman a charge of Fulmination when it deals damage to an enemy.
- Echo of the Elements no longer grants a second charge of Healing Stream Totem for Elemental Shaman. This is more of a bug fix, but noting here as it is a moderate change to available utility of the Echo of the Elements talent. This talent is unchanged for Restoration.
The changes above should make Elemental Shaman feel quite a bit more control over what will happen as the result of pressing their abilities.

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17.04.2020 Source

Surge of Power (Elemental) now occurs after consuming at least 6 stacks of Fulmination.

07.04.2020 Source

## Shaman

As a class, Shaman have long had some of the most distinctive categories
of spells in the game—Totems, Shocks, Shields, Weapon Imbues, and Chain
spells—but over time, some have become the domain of specific
specializations. In Shadowlands, we're giving these types of abilities
back to the entire class. As a player levels up, they'll be exposed to
the many ways a Shaman can interact with the elements to overcome
challenges. Over time, the Shaman will discover which of these tools
they have the strongest affinity for, and which abilities they’d like to
focus on as they master the elemental forces.

### General Changes

In Shadowlands, Chain Heal, Chain Lightning, Healing Stream Totem,
Flametongue Weapon, Flame Shock, Frost Shock, and Lightning Shield will
be available for all Shaman to use regardless of their specialization.
Searing Totem also returns as an ability for all Shaman to use, which
bombards nearby enemies with fireballs for a short duration.

### Elemental

The Maelstrom resource and accompanying bar have been removed, returning
Elemental Shaman’s to their former cooldown management playstyle. When
we added Maelstrom to Shamans in Legion, we wanted to improve affordance
around the use of Earth Shock and Earthquake in their rotation. But the
addition of the resource had the side-effect of converting the spec into
one with “builder/spender” abilities, which comes with certain built-in
expectations on the payoff of its spenders. When an Elemental Shaman
presses Earth Shock and it consumes most of their resource, the
expectation is that this moment is the peak of their rotation and there
should be a big payoff. But we want the focus of the rotation to be
about managing your Flame Shock debuff on multiple targets to maximize
the potential of Lava Burst through Lava Surge procs. Lightning Bolt,
and consequently Earth Shock, are meant to be a flavorful but secondary
part of the single-target rotation. As such, we are returning to a
design that relies on building stacks of Fulmination to determine when
to insert Earth Shock into the rotation. Similarly, Chain Lightning and
stacks of Seismic Thunder will serve to enable Earthquake.

Echoing Shock is a new Talent that blasts a target for significant
damage, and makes it so the Shaman’s next healing or damage-dealing
spell casts a second time shortly afterward without costing additional