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The following charts show the value of specific Azerite traits in single target and AoE situations. The “Item Level” charts show how a single point of a trait scales at different item levels, and the “Stacked” charts show how traits scale with multiple points. Understand that simming your own gear is the best option for determining what item to equip, and which traits to enable.

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Trait stacking

Note that these charts show the value of traits at 475 item level, the base for Mythic Ny’alotha loot. This serves as a decent reference for the value of stacking traits.


Item-level scaling


Special mentions

Ancestral Resonance

This no longer requires you to personally cast Bloodlust/Heroism to activate the trait. The duration of these effects is increased by 25% regardless.

Dagger in the Back

You won’t hit all targets from behind all the time. So simulation values are usually overvalueing this trait. Dodge it.

Echo of the Elementals

It’s dead! Dodge it.

Igneous Potential

Stacking this trait increases the damage component, but you only gain the increased Lava Surge chance of the first trait. This does not nullify the trait’s value after the first point, but it does come at a slight cost thanks to the Lava Surge’s non-scaling. A great option for Maelstrom generation and movement.

Lava Shock

With increased value in two-target cleave, this trait could see some use if a fight calls for sustained two-target cleave or spread target damage. This trait enables funneling damage into the primary target.

Natural Harmony

This trait is not utilized to the fullest by our standard spells, because we usually don’t use Frost Shock unless we’re moving. If you somehow end up with this trait twice, you can actually use Frost Shock to keep that buff up and be dps neutral to not using the buff. This has the advantage of additional movement globals / stutter stepping. Having the trait 2-3 times pushes Elemental Blast a lot, but probably not enough to overtake the best talent combination. But sim to make sure for your character.

Tectonic Thunder

Pure AoE trait, that enables occasional Chain Lightning instant casts. Additionally stacking this trait can push Earthquake damage to the level of or slightly higher than Earth Shock on single target. While this is not a wise choice to do so (because other traits are actual gains on single target and thus preferrable), it could reincarnate the Earthquake on single target meme from Tomb of Sargeras.

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