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This page only has information for leveling from 110 to 120 in Battle for Azeroth. For more general tips, see Wowhead’s shaman leveling guide.


Enhancement or Elemental?

Many people have asked whether we recommend leveling as Enhancement or Elemental. There’s no definitive answer here; it depends entirely on your comfort, your gear options, and if you’re in a group or solo. Enhancement benefits more from Honor Talents in open world leveling, and Elemental has stronger AOE damage for mass pulling. Feel free to experiment with both specs.


The talents you use will have some impact on how quickly and comfortably you can level. We won’t list talent setups, but give a few recommendations of what to take and what to avoid.


  1. Exposed Elements - the debuff can be too difficult to benefit from.
  2. Totem Mastery - it’s simply not worth taking this talent due to how often you’ll have to refresh the totems due to moving to a new area
  3. Wind Rush Totem - for obvious reasons.
  4. Icefury - it’s much easier to go with the passive Earthen Rage or the powerful Primal Elementalist. Don’t over-complicate things.
  5. Ascendance - is practically useless for leveling and should really not be taken.
  6. Liquid Magma Totem - if you’re in a group, it’s unlikely LMT will be able to deal its full damage.
  7. Storm Elemental - just no.

Think about using

  1. Earth Shield - great source of passive healing.
  2. Static Charge - the cooldown reduction is quite helpful if you don’t want the healing from Earth Shield
  3. Ancestral Guidance - despite its long cooldown, this can help keep you alive if you pull a bit too much.
  4. Earthen Rage - a perfect, passive option.
  5. Unlimited Power - a perfect, passive option.
  6. Stormkeeper - a great cooldown for big burst AOE, but lackluster in ST.

Warmode talents

The best warmode talents are Skyfury Totem, Elemental Attunement, and Spectral Recovery. If you really need added CC, you could take Earthfury. Other warmode talents have limited use in leveling.


Make sure you equip higher item level, non-legendary gear at level 116, as they will no longer function!


  1. Holding onto your tier for too long. These are minute differences that will not be worth thinking about while leveling.
  2. Smoldering Heart - useless for leveling.

Think about using

  1. Azerite gear - equip these pieces of gear immediately, even if it means losing your 4-piece bonus. The items you get from completing zones are very high item level.
  2. Sephuz - probably the best option for leveling, as you have plenty of ways to proc its effect.
  3. Crafted legendary gloves - you won’t be able to make use of the flight effect, but the movement speed is very helpful.
  4. Roots of Shaladrassil - extra healing if you aren’t in a group.
  5. Boots + Shoulders - a decent combo for added burst.


Make sure you use up your remaining flasks, potions, and food from Legion. These will help a good deal.

Helpful leveling resources

Medivh’s BFA raider Lexicon - head to the leveling tab.

Helpful add-ons

The Azeroth Auto Pilot addon is the Battle for Azeroth update to the useful Con’s Legion. It streamlines the leveling process, but you may encounter issues with World Quest unlocks if you don’t manually complete the story of each zone before hitting 120.