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This page will serve as a comprehensive look into talents, traits, and general dungeon advice for Elemental Shamans. Information on this page is written with the assumption that the rest of the guide has been read in full. If you haven’t, we highly recommend reading the priority list, talents, and traits section of the guide before continuing here.


We touched on talents for Mythic+ previously in the talents section of the guide. In this section we will be going more in depth to explain each talent selection.

Row 15 Information
Earthen Rage Earthen Rage is the recommended talent on this row if you DO NOT have TWO or more Igneous Potential equipped. This talent requires no attention, it will simply deal damage passively.
Echo of the Elements Echo of the Elements is the recommended talent on this row if you DO have TWO or more Igneous Potential equipped. This talent will greatly improve your single target and cleave damage, given the proper traits are being used. This talent also synergizes very well with Master of the Elements.
Elemental Blast Elemental Blast is currently very undertuned, we don’t recommend using this talent under any circumstances.
Row 30 Information
Aftershock Aftershock is the recommended go to talent for dungeons currently. This is a relatively slight loss in single target damage in comparison to Totem Mastery, becomes approximately equal to Totem Mastery on cleave, and becomes superior as more targets become present. This makes Aftershock the clear winner in almost every case in dungeon content.
Call the Thunder Call the Thunder is currently undertuned, and as a result will be strictly worse than Aftershock in all situations. Because of this, we recommend avoiding it entirely.
Totem Mastery Totem Mastery is generally inferior to Aftershock in dungeons. However, if you need every bit of single target DPS you can get, this is an option. For example, you may consider using this talent in a high level Tyrannical King’s Rest key to push out as much boss DPS as possible.
Row 45 Information
Spirit Wolf Spirit Wolf is our recommended default talent. You are able to survive some sticky situations with the free 20% damage reduction, and can even kite enemies quite easily with the additional movement speed on top.
Earth Shield Earth Shield is currently quite weak. The heal provided by the shield is minimal and requires frequent GCDs to maintain. We recommend you never use this talent.
Static Charge Static Charge can be situationally useful depending on the dungeon and the composition you are playing with. If you are playing with specs that lack an AoE stun this talent can help pick up the slack. We don’t recommend using this talent over Spirit Wolf often, but it is an okay choice if you feel like you will need it.
Row 60 Information
Master of the Elements Master of the Elements is recommended if you DO have TWO or more Igneous Potential equipped and you are also using Echo of the Elements. This talent is by far the best for single target damage, given the proper trait set up and the use of Echo of the Elements, this also provides a noticeable increase in AoE damage when used properly to empower Earthquake.
Storm Elemental Storm Elemental is a very situational talent, if utilized well enough it can provied incredible AoE burst. However, it is very hard to utilize properly, as it requires group coordination and extensive knowledge of the dungeons and the pulls. We recommend inexperienced shamans avoid this talent in dungeons.
Liquid Magma Totem Liquid Magma Totem is a nice, fairly easy to use AoE damage option. If you are lacking Igneous Potential traits, we recommend using this talent instead of Master of the Elements
Row 75 Information
Nature’s Guardian Nature’s Guardian is a convenient and powerful defensive talent that can help you immensely with staying alive. However, Ancestral Guidance is also very powerful and can help the group stay alive. We generally recommend Nature’s Guardian as the default if you are not comfortable enough with each dungeon to know the optimal times to heal the group. Additionally, we recommend always using Nature’s Guardian in Tyrannical King’s Rest keys, as nearly every boss has a very dangerous ability that often targets DPS players.
Ancestral Guidance Ancestral Guidance has potential to be incredibly powerful during large AoE pulls when the group is taking high amounts of damage, we recommend taking this talent as soon as you are comfortable enough to survive without Nature’s Guardian, and have a feel for the times the group may need additional healing. Something to keep in mind about Ancestral Guidance is it also heals off of your healing done, not just your damage. This allows you to do a decent amount of healing during single target encounters as well by using Healing Surge. A little known fact about Ancestral Guidance is it also does additional healing off of Healthstones and healing potions. If you are low health and use Ancestral Guidance along with Healthstone, healing potion, and a few healing surges, you can easily do upwards of 400-500k healing.
Wind Rush Totem Unless necessary for an elaborate skip, I don’t see any situation in which you would need/want Wind Rush Totem in a dungeon.
Row 90 Information
Surge of Power Surge of Power is simply not fitting for dungeons, as it requires high uptime and frequent use of Earth Shock to be useful. We recommend you never use this in a dungeon.
Primal Elementalist Primal Elementalist is our recommended default choice. This not only empowers your Fire Elemental or , allowing you to do additional damage on AoE. This also empowers your Earth Elemental which can be incredibly powerful in dungeons. We highly recommend communicating with the tank and making liberal use of your empowered Earth Elemental. It is especially powerful on Reaping, as it does not currently take stacks of Reap Soul, allowing it to tank the Reaping enemies even better than a real player tank could. This is often used in order to pull a Reaping in to another pack of mobs.
Icefury Icefury will generally be worse than Primal Elementalist in dungeons. Not only is Icefury primarily useful for single target, whereas Primal Elementalist benefits AoE as well. Icefury also lacks the controllable Earth Elemental, which can make a huge difference. There could be an argument for Icefury in a high Tyrannical Kings Rest, as most of the danger in the instance are single target bosses. However, even here you will severely miss your powerful Earth Elemental on Berserkers (it can soak the bleed), and Harden Skin for the dangerous bosses.
Row 100 Information
Unlimited Power Unlimited Power suffers heavily from the hidden modifier on Chain Lightning, reducing the overload chance to merely 1/3rd of your mastery. This leaves this talent essentially dead in the water. We recommend avoiding it entirely.
Stormkeeper Stormkeeper is a very powerful AoE and single target cooldown. We recommend you always use this talent in dungeons, as it is significantly stronger than the alternatives.
Ascendance Ascendance is a mediocre single target cooldown and an even weaker AoE cooldown, we recommend avoiding it entirely.


Dungeon traits are very similar to raid traits for Elemental Shamans. The sheer power of Igneous Potential leaves us wanting three, even in dungeons. The only situations we might consider using less than three Igneous Potential in is a Fortified Motherlode key, or a Fortified Teeming Freehold key, simply due to the abundance and importance of AoE.

Along side your Igneous Potential traits, any combination of the following traits will do very well in general:

Additionally, Tectonic Thunder is a controversial trait. It can be quite powerful for frequent heavy AoE, but it provides nothing for single target. For Fortified this trait will do quite well. However, the main issue with this trait is there are very few pieces of gear with both Igneous Potential and Tectonic Thunder available at the same time, and there aren’t many situations in which you would want to drop an Igneous Potential in favor of a Tectonic Thunder. The only situation that comes to mind would be a Fortified Motherlode.

Click/tap on a dungeon's header image to expand it.


Priestess Alun’za - Pool Maelstrom for the Spirit of Gold adds, and use Capacitor Totem or Thunderstorm to keep the adds away from blood puddles.

Vol’kaal - Pool Maelstrom when applicable to use Earth Shock when you have to move, but do not cap your Maelstrom.

Rezan - Use Tremor Totem to cleanse every other Terrifying Visage fear cast. If you get eaten during Pursuit, you will be unable to cast damaging spells, so make sure you use Healing Surge on yourself!

Yazma - Save Stormkeeper for the Soulspawn adds, and ensure your group stacks them well to get the most value out of AOE and stuns. The adds can be stunned with Capacitor Totem and slowed with Earthbind Totem.

Trash mobs - below are some notes on how to handle the rest of the dungeon:

  • For Feasting Skyscreamer packs, dump Maelstrom into Earth Shock on the screamers and use Chain Lightning on the small birds to maximize group damage. However, on higher level keys you may want to use Earthquake to minimize the danger of the saurids. If you have no interrupts available, you can use Tremor Totem to dispel the fear. Try to stun with Capacitor Totem immediately before the birds jump.
  • If you're going the top route to Vol'kaal first, make sure you have CDs up for the trash pack before the boss.
  • The two Zanchuli Witch-Doctors are especially dangerous. This doesn't impact your damage on Vol'kaal too much, because the start of the fight is simply attacking the totems.
  • If you're going along the top route to Priestess Alun'za, purge the Dazar'al Colossus and focus your Maelstrom into it with Earth Shock casts.


Skycap’n Kragg - Ghost Wolf works very well for moving out of Vile Bombardment.

Council o’ Captains - Try to pool Maelstrom for Blackout Barrel, as you will need to burst it down very quickly with Earth Shock . Powder Shot can be line-of-sighted with the building next to the boss (use the pillars).

Ring of Booty - Frost Shock will be very helpful for damage while moving if you are targeted by a shark. If you have one or more Igneous Potential take advantage of the training dummies just outside the boss area, apply Flame Shock to them for additional Lava Burst procs.

Harlan Sweete - Use Earthbind Totem or Capacitor Totem on the Irontide Grenadier and he can kill himself away from your group.

Trash mobs - below are some notes on how to handle the rest of the dungeon:

  • It's generally fine to use CDs on trash before every boss with the exception of Council o' Captains.
  • Consider priority damage with Earth Shock on the Irontide Enforcers before Skycap'n Kragg due to the immense tank damage these mobs put out.
  • If you aren't skipping the pack before Harlan Sweete, you should use cooldowns there as there is no (mechanical) urgency to killing Harlan Sweete quickly.

Kings' Rest

The Golden Serpent - use Stormkeeper + Chain Lightning on the slimes for extra Maelstrom.

Mchimba the Embalmber - Use Ghost Wolf if you’re about to be imprisoned to gain stacks of Spirit Wolf.

The Council of Tribes - Interrupt as soon as Zanzal the Wise spawns, and purge the Earthwall Totem’s shield. Pool Maelstrom before the totems spawn so you can quickly kill the Explosive Totem.

Dazar, the First King - use Tremor Totem to counter the fear from T’zala.

Trash mobs - below are some notes on how to handle the rest of the dungeon:

  • In The Golden Serpent's room, you can have one person interrupt a single mob's Shadow Bolt Volley casts assuming they have a low (~15 sec) cooldown interrupt.
  • On the trash before Mchimba, use Stormkeeper as the tank starts to gather slimes. Do not get hit by the swirls, no matter what. With a large pull, getting hit by a single swirl will almost certainly mean your death.
  • In the hallway between Mchimba and Council, make sure you use Earth Elemental to help the tank with damage intake.

Shrine of the Storms

Aqu’sirr - when the boss splits into three parts, Earth Elemental can tank one to prevent a Sea Blast cast. With Primal Elementalist, your Earth Elemental can stun Grasp of the Depths

Tidesage Council - Earth Elemental can tank Galecaller Faye, making it significantly easier for melee to avoid cleaves and be in range for interrupts, as well as reducing damage to the tank. However, this requires micromanagement of the pet to move Faye out of the Reinforcing Ward.

Lord Stormsong - Using Ghost Wolf before the mind control allows you to run through orbs at a slightly faster pace. Pool Maelstrom for the mind control in the event it goes on your healer, as you’ll want to break it faster.

Vol’Zith the Whispherer - During the add phase, you can interrupt two casts from Forgotten Denizens in a row with some coordination. You will need to interrupt the first one within the first four seconds of the cast and a play with a long interrupt (such as mage or boomkin) will need to interrupt the second one close to the end of the cast. If that is done correctly you will be able to interrupt the second one near the end of its second cast. You can use Capacitor Totem, Earthbind Totem, and Thunderstorm to keep the Manifestation of the Deep adds from reaching the boss.

Trash mobs - below are some notes on how to handle the rest of the dungeon:

  • The damage taken buffer before Hex breaks is decent, and using this spell on the Templars throughout the dungeon can significantly help the tank and healer.
  • Water Walking helps reach the final boss approximately 3 seconds faster (we didn't actually time this, sorry).

Siege of Boralus

Sergeant Bainbridge - Use Hex on the adds where necessary.

Dread Captain Lockwood - Keep Earthbind Totem down on the boss to keep her from jumping around due to her mechanic called Evasive. The adds that appear during the fight can be CCed (Hex), which will cause no further adds to spawn.

Hadal Darkfathom - No Elemental-specific tips.

Viq’Goth - If you ever get stuck in the water, spam jump and Water Walking. Earth Elemental can tank the Demolishing Terror tentacles, allowing your tank to help damage the Gripping Terror.

Trash mobs - below are some notes on how to handle the rest of the dungeon:

  • On the Demolishers before Hadal Darkfathom, you can use Tremor Totem to dispel every other fear, assuming they last long enough. You can also line-of-sight this fear.
  • All of the trash before Hadal Darkfathom deal immense tank damage, making this an excellent section of the dungeon to use Earth Elemental.

Temple of Sethraliss

Adderis and Aspix - You can safely Flame Shock into Lightning Shield in most keys but will become increasingly dangerous on higher keys and tyrannical keys. If you decidce to Flame Shock avoid using it before Static Shock. Consider going into Ghost Wolf with Spirit Wolf before Static Shock, as it deals immense damage.

Merektha - Never stand in the toxic pools. If you are stunned with Knot of Snakes while in a toxic pool, you will likely die. Try and be near melee so they can quickly switch and kill or CC the Knot of Snakes if it’s applied to you.

Galvazzt - Astral Shift and Harden Skin are great for soaking a high number of stacks of the lightning beam.

Avatar of Sethraliss - Make sure you use Healing Surge on the boss between phases. Try to save mana for the use of Energy Fragments for additional healing.

Trash mobs - below are some notes on how to handle the rest of the dungeon:

  • Some trash in the early parts of the dungeon apply a poison that puts you to sleep on movement. This can be dispelled with a proactive Tremor Totem, and greatly helps melee.
  • Krolusk Riders apply a lightning shield to themselves, which should be purged ASAP.
  • The Tenders before Merektha can be knocked back before they are start channeling. If you wait until after they start channeling, they will continue to channel from a distance.
  • In the orb gauntlet room, enter Ghost Wolf then grab the orb to prevent the slow effect.


Coin-operated Crowd Pummeler - Save cooldowns and pool Maelstrom for a few stacks of the Footbomb damage increase.

Azerokk - Use Stormkeeper and Capacitor Totem on the pull, stunning the 2 nearest Earthragerss. If two Earthragers fixate to the same area, you can use Thunderstorm to knock them closer to the boss for added cleave.

Rixxa Fluxflame - No elemental specific tips.

Mogul Razdunk - No elemental specific tips.

Trash mobs - below are some notes on how to handle the rest of the dungeon:

  • Some ideal strats for The MOTHERLODE!! involve "corpse running" to skip trash. Avoid using Ankh so you can do this (and resurrect a healer for mass resurrection).

The Underrot

Elder Leaxa - The boss ramps up very hard, and you will want to have cooldowns for this boss.

Cragmaw the Infested - There’s a ton of movement in this fight, so try to pool Maelstrom to have an extra GCD of movement when soaking the larva.

Sporecaller Zancha - If your group is overwhelmed by spores and you desperately need to clear, just run through as many as possible and use Ankh. Upheaval does quite a bit of damage, so save Astral Shift and spec Spirit Wolf if you’re afraid you might get one-shot. You can technically dodge it but without burst mobility if you are not far from the boss it will be unreliable.

Unbound Abomination - Chain Lightning is exceptional for clearing spores and generation Maelstrom.

Trash mobs - below are some notes on how to handle the rest of the dungeon:

  • The fear applied by the two large mobs before Unbound Abomination can be cleansed with Tremor Totem.

Tol Dagor

The Sand Queen - Earth Elemental does a great job of tanking the drone adds. Upheavel can get out of control pretty quickly, so consider using Spirit Wolf to survive. Save Stormkeeper for drone spawns, and don’t bother with Earthquake on these unless it’s a Necrotic week or Tyrannical week.

Jes Howlis - During the second phase anyone can interrupt Bobby on his stun even before the shield is broken. Be ready to tremor totem if there are no available ranged interrupts and Bobby runs away to cast his fear.

Knight Captain Valyri - Ghost Wolf makes moving barrels quite easy. Move two of the closest barrels out of the room before pulling the boss to make the start easier.

Overseer Korgus - Positioning is key in this fight, but there are no elemental specific tips.

Trash mobs - below are some notes on how to handle the rest of the dungeon:

  • Purge the Looters immediately after pulling if you have no Blood Elves or no Priest.
  • You can do an incredibly large pull to the cannons and have Earth Elemental tank the mobs, as it will not take friendly fire damage from the cannon.

Waycrest Manor

Heartsbane Triad - you can dispel Runic Mark, so communicate with your healer if you want to dispel it or not as it deals damage upon expiration or removal. Make sure to purge buffs from your friends if they are mind controlled, especially if it’s a big cooldown like Bloodlust or Icy Veins, as they will finally admit that you play the better class.

Soulbound Goliath - Pool Maelstrom to kill Soul Thorns.

Raal the Gluttonous - Chain Lightning works very well on this boss, as his hitbox is very large you can reliably hit every expulsion and any servants that get close.

Lord and Lady Waycrest - If you have one or more you can stand near the edge of the room and apply Flame Shock to Lady Waycrest throughout the encounter for more Lava Burst procs. There is a barrier there so don’t worry about falling off.

Gorak’Tul - You can interrupt every Darkened Light (unless you are stunned).

Trash mobs - below are some notes on how to handle the rest of the dungeon:

  • Much of the trash in this dungeon apply curses, so use your decurse liberally.
  • Due to the variance added with the different door openings, there are no good recommendations to be made for cooldown usage.