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We do not have the ability to pick two trinkets and be optimal everywhere. The trinkets you use will be a result of what is available to you and what content you’re currently tackling. Generally, the more options you have the better you can tailor your trinket use.


This is not a ranking guide. Check the trinket overview section below to see how each trinket may be useful when deciding to use them.

Good Raid trinkets:

Honorable Mentions:

Mythic +

Again, this is not a ranking guide. Check the trinket overview section below to see how each trinket may be useful when deciding to use them.

Good Mythic+ trinkets:

Honorable Mentions:

Season 2 trinkets Overview:

Passive trinkets:

Idol of Pure Decay (from Brackenhide Hollow):

  • Strong proc trinket which does relevant damage in both ST and AoE.

Igneous Flowstone (from Magmorax):

  • Medium passive trinket. It will either give you a lot of crit or deal good damage every 30s, rotating between the two. After the nerfs this trinket is just okay.

Naraxas’ Spiked Tongue (from Neltharion’s Lair):

  • Very Strong single-target proc trinket.

Neltharion’s Call to Dominance (rare drop from Echo of Neltharion):

  • Medium passive trinket. It will give you a huge amount of intel after using Fire Elemental or Storm Elemental for a very low duration. It has a lot of potential in Wildfire builds

Ominous Chromatic Essence (from the Forgotten Experiments):

  • Strong stat stick that gives a lot of secondaries if your whole group has it. Since its good for most spec, it will be very good in raid and a bit worse in dungeons.

Screaming Black Dragonscale (rare drop from Kazzara, the Hellforged):

  • Solid passive trinket, often giving you some crit on high uptime.

Vessel of Searing Shadow (from the Amalgamation Chamber):

  • Strong single-target proc trinket.

On Use trinkets:

Beacon to the Beyond (from Scalecommander Sarkareth):

  • Medium trinket that deals huge damage every 2min30. The mastery on it makes it less good than Intellect trinkets.

Erupting Spear Fragment (from Neltharus):

  • Strong AoE trinket, dealing damage and giving you crit depending on target count. Really good during burst on adds.

Irideus Fragment (from Halls of Infusions):

  • Strong burst trinket, giving you a lot of int that decreases with each casts. This should be used before Stormkeeper empowered spells for maximum output. It works especially well in AoE.

Rotcrusted Voodoo Doll (from the Underrot):

  • Very Strong On use single-target trinket.

Spoils of Neltharus (from Neltharus):

  • Strong trinket that gives a lot of secondaries every 2 minutes. The stat it gives you change over time. You can use this Weakaura by Skullmaker90 to keep track of the current buff.

Time-Breaching Talon (from Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr):

  • Strong trinket that is really good in AoE but not as strong as other options in Single Target. It still has a very good niche, as it will give you the best on-demand damage burst, making this trinket a very good option if something needs to die during progress.

Season 1 Special Mentions

Whispering Incarnate Icon:

  • Solid passive trinket. This might be better than many trinket up until the middle of the season, especially if you get the tank and healer buff. Be sure to keep simming it until it’s outclassed by new trinkets.

Voidmender’s Shadowgem:

  • Strong on use trinket. With crit being very prevalent in lightning builds, it should retain big value for some time.

Furious Ragefeather:

  • Solid proc trinket with good proc chance, the secondary effect helps ensure most procs result in their full damage eventually. It will rapidly get outclassed since it’s a pure damage proc, but will still be relevant for the early season.

Bloodmallet Charts

The following charts present the best trinkets in Patchwerk (single target), Patchwerk 3 Targets, and Patchwerk 5 Targets.

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Patchwerk 3 Targets


Patchwerk 5 Targets