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Information on this page is written with the assumption that you understand the new priority list and talents in Dragonflight Season 1. If you have not done so, we highly recommend reading our other resources to learn about them!

This guide is intended to help you identify critical mobs and abilities as well as improve your mechanical literacy in using your toolkit as an Elemental Shaman in each dungeon. If you have suggestions to improve the information in this guide please contact Eokira#7823 using the Earthshrine Elemental channel or the Storm, Earth & Lava discord.


There are two main build that will be used in Dragonflight Season one : Wildfire and Lightning. You can find variation on each of them in the build page.

This page will only note the important utility options that are available to you as an Elemental Shaman. Those remain suggestions and depending on your group, you might not need some of the talent suggested in this guide.

Standard Class tree for S2 Dungeons:

A few remarks on this tree:

  • It has Totemic Recall and points leading up to it. This is due to Liquid Magma Totem being a staple in dungeon builds, making Totemic Recall a required DPS node. If you are not playing Liquid Magma Totem, you can remove the 4 points below Gust of Wind and allocate them elsewhere.
  • Earth Elemental could be flexed around into another utility option but I believe it is the best single all rounder node to get to 20 points.
  • Purge is recommended in all dungeon because of its high value this season.
  • Some people spec out of Frost Shock. It is still a very useful movement global, even without Icefury.

The Last 4 Points

Depending on the dungeon you are running and the group you’re in, here is a list of good options to pick from:


  • Earth Shield is a 2 points investments as you have to pick Chain Heal to get it but it gives pretty good sustain.
  • Spirit Wolf is improved mobility on a long distance, and most importantly can be used as a defensive.
  • Healing Stream Totem and Swirling Currents are good off-healing CDs. But the fact that you cannot predict who it will heal, paired with the GCD loss each time you use it make it very suboptimal and situational.
  • Brimming with Life is still a 8% max HP, even if it has the worst design in our whole tree.
  • Stoneskin Totem is a very situational talent which gains a lot of value in higher keys, saving your tank and your party from big physical attacks and bleeds.


Crowd Control:

  • Static Charge will allow you to have Capacitor Totem on every packs. Very useful to complement another Class AoE CC.
  • Guardian’s Cudgel on the other hand, will be best used when you are the only AoE CC of the group, or if you need successive interrupts on a pack (Blazing Imp in Court of Stars for example).
  • Hex can be used to control Patrol’s pathing and as a hard CC in general.
  • Thunderstorm has some niche uses to gather pulls or deal with Sanguine. It can also be used as a Hard CC but Thundershock will be better in that case. It’s also not that easy to utilize for less experienced players as it requires good positioning and awareness of timings to actually interrupt casts.

General Utility:

  • Tremor Totem has a lot of minor uses this season but nothing… groundbreaking.
  • Cleanse Spirit is used only in Temple of the Jade Serpent this season, you can spend that point elsewhere when you’re not in it. Note that the healers that cannot remove Curses are: Monk, Paladin and Priest
  • Totemic Focus is a nice passive that will make it less likely for your tank to kite out of Liquid Magma Totem’s range. The duration and width on Wind Rush Totem can also be nice.
  • Mana Spring is less potent in dungeon than it is in raid. It’s nice to have but doesn’t really provide a lot either.
  • Poison Cleansing Totem has a lot of minor uses this season but nothing… incurable.

24 keys and higher:

When pushing in higher keys, some talents become mandatory to survive:

  • Spirit Wolf is used as a defensive talent, requiring you to sit and tank the damage in wolf form until it’s safe to switch back.
  • Brimming with Life is required for the 8% max HP. In certain dungeons at this key level, if you lose Reincarnation, it can instantly be a deplete because you will die on other abilities later on.

Note: Again, these become mandatory only in higher keys and can be skipped when you are not in the hardest version of m+.

Miscellaneous Tips

  • Although strategies are listed for mobs and bosses, communicating with your group how each pull should be executed is more important. Some suggestions may not be applicable depending on your group’s strategy. For example, plan with your group in advance on where to use Bloodlust/Heroism.

  • Stop cast, or Hard CC, refers to cancelling enemy casts using hard Crowd Control abilities. While some casts cannot be interrupted, they can be cancelled by other means. Regularly be mindful of lethal trash abilities. Also know what you can do to stop a cast and look for alternative ways to interrupt casts if no interrupts are available. Elemental Shaman may stop casts with Capacitor Totem, Hex, Thunderstorm (or Thundershock), Lightning Lasso and Earthquake’s knockdowns.

  • Line of Sight, or LoS, refers to hiding behind a wall or structure to prevent an enemy’s ability from targeting or damaging you. Like player casting, mobs must see their target for their spell to cast. Positioning behind a wall or structure breaks their line of sight and stops an enemy from casting; in other words, if you are not within line of sight of a mob, the mob is not within line of sight of you. There are many strategic uses for line of sighting mechanics, such as Fel Detonation from Felbound Enforcer in Court of Stars. As you practice new dungeons, be mindful of your environmental surroundings and identify opportunities to utilize nearby structures to line of sight mobs.

  • Routinely support your healer and your group with healing abilities such as Ancestral Guidance, Healing Stream Totem or even Cleanse Spirit.

  • Often times, your tank may need to kite. Remember the kiting tools at your disposal (Earthbind Totem, Frost Shock, Capacitor Totem, etc.) to distance trash packs away from your tank.

  • Use your CDs. Fire Elemental, Storm Elemental, Stormkeeper, Liquid Magma Totem or even Earth Elemental, Spiritwalker’s Grace and Ancestral Guidance are useless if you never press them cause you are waiting for “the right moment”. Planning CDs is even better but learn to press them first and foremost.

  • Try to setup pulls in advance. In Wildfire builds, try to keep maelstrom at the end of a pack to get Earthquake, Surge of Power and Flame Shock spreading at the start of the next pull. In Lightning builds, try to get an Echoes of Great Sundering buff ready when the pull is being setup by the tank. Try to cast Stormkeeper before pulls to keep uptime during it, etc.

  • Earth Elemental is a potent ability best used to soak damage away from the tank or as an emergency button to avoid a party wipe. Communicate with your tank on using Earth Elemental for challenging trash packs as well as remind your healer to keep the Earth Elemental healthy as needed. Remember that with Primal Elementalist, you can manually move the pet and single-target stun with Pulverize. However, keep in mind that you cannot have Earth Elemental and Fire Elemental summoned at the same time with Primal Elementalist.

  • Die and retry. You need to experience a lot of death and bad keys to know when a key is good.

  • Doing m+ with Pick Up Groups (PUGs) can be tough. Most of the time, they expect you to already have the experience of all dungeons. Take your time to improve, try to find people you enjoy playing with and re-invite them, the only way to get better is to play.

  • Scaling isn’t linear. That means that going from 15s to 16s is way easier than going from 19s to 20s. You are not bad, the game is making it more difficult.

  • Learn to log your dungeon runs! Warcraft Logs filters dungeons with pull-by-pull analyses and records replays of dungeon runs. Having logs available to share is helpful for you to receive actionable feedback.


Season 2 changes :

  • There will be no seasonal affixes this season.
  • The level 4 bracket has been moved to level 14.
  • Explosive, Grievous and Quaking have been removed.
  • New affixes join the level 7 bracket: Entangling, Afflicted and Incorporeal
  • Bolstering changes:
    • Bolster no longer increases the health of affected creatures (was health and damage).
  • Spiteful changes:
  • Raging changes:
    • Raging now grants creatures immunity to crowd control effects for 20 seconds upon reaching 30% health remaining (was 50% increased damage done until defeated).
  • Sanguine changes:

Level 2:

  • Fortified: Consider using Bloodlust/Heroism on hard mob pulls. Some random add abilities that are usually harmless can quickly become deadly and require more interrupts or extra defensives. Coordinate with your party to layer your AoE CC abilities and use Astral Shift wisely.
  • Tyrannical: Boss fights turn into a battle of endurance. Coordinate with your healer to use Ancestral Guidance at the best time depending on their need. Many Single target abilities become lethal and require a good Astral Shift timing to survive.

Note: Unlike many of the previous extensions, the balance between these two affixes is quite good. As normal mobs are generally easier to navigate than bosses, keys during Fortified weeks will usually be easier to finish but also harder to do in time, since 60% to 70% of the timer in a key is spent doing mobs. On the contrary, hard bosses during a Tyrannical week can be huge walls that will stop you from finishing the key. But the timer will often be more lenient.

Level 7 - Periodic affixes:

Level 14 - “On death” and “On health ranges” affixes:

  • Bolstering: Damage trash packs down as evenly as you can. Swap to priority damage rotation for any lethal mobs or if mob health within trash packs are uneven.
  • Bursting: Support your party members and use your healing abilities to mitigate the Burst debuff. Use Astral Shift as needed if stacks are high.
  • Raging: Consider using Stormkeeper and other damage CDs later in packs to burst Enrage mobs more quickly.
  • Sanguine: Damage trash packs down as evenly as you can to lessen time spent in Sanguine, but be sure to not slow or stun mobs dying unevenly. Use Thunderstorm as needed to knock mobs out of Sanguine Ichor.
  • Spiteful: As mobs are dying, be ready to use your kiting toolkit to support your melee players. Consider taking advantage of Spiteful Shade as additional Chain Lightning or Flame Shock targets.


Click on a dungeon banner to expand it.

Brackenhide Hollow

Talent Choices

Optional Picks

  • Tremor Totem can be used to counter Hideous Cackle, a fear that can be kicked and is present throughout the dungeon. But since the cast can be kicked, Tremor Totem is not mandatory.
  • Poison Cleansing Totem can be used to dispel a poison from a mob’s melees, but it’s very anecdotic.
  • Thunderstorm can be used for kiting and grouping. Thundershock can be used as an extra hard CC.
  • Hex can be used on the last boss to CC one of the Infusers and reduce the damage of the intermission.
  • Gust of Wind as a burst of mobility to move out of the various AoE.
  • Spirit Wolf is pretty good to run back during the last boss intermission.

Dungeon buffs

Multiple Decaying Cauldron are located throughout the dungeon. A player with at least 25 skill in Dragon isles Alchemy can interact with it to purify it. This will allow players to get a Cleansed Rot buff by clicking on it. Cleansed Rot dispels one disease on the player when used as an extra button.

Rira Hackclaw’s War Band Notable Trash Mobs

Claw Fighter

Cruel Bonecrusher

  • Just does tank Damage.

Vicious Hyena

Bonebolt Hunter

  • Be prepared for the incoming damage of Shoot and Bone Bolt, constantly dealing moderate damage to random group member. When in packs of 2 or 3 mobs, multiple abilities going on the same player becomes deadly very fast. Use Stoneskin Totem as much possible to reduce party damage and use Astral Shift when needed.
  • Move out of Toxic Trap.

Trickclaw Mystic

Decay Speaker

Bracken Warscourge

Rira Hackclaw’s War Band

Rira Hackclaw


  • Decayed Senses will blind your tank, making random party members take aggro. Your healer needs to dispel him fast and you need to stand out of melee to not get bodied.
  • Assign a party member to always interrupt Greater Healing Rapids. Interrupt Earth Bolt with the group other kicks.
  • Nuke Hextrick Totem to help your critterised party members.


Gutshot Notable Trash Mobs


Fleshripper Vulture

Gutchewer Bear

Rotbow Stalker


Treemouth Notable Trash Mobs

Decaying Slime

Monstrous Decay

Infected Lasher

Brackenhide Shaper

Fetid Rotsinger

Decayed Elder

Wilted Oak



Decatriarch Wratheye Notable Trash Mobs

Filth Caller

, Disease Slasher, Witherling and Wither Biter

Vile Rothexer

Decatriarch Wratheye


Notable Talent Choices

  • Purge has some uses but could be skipped for other utilities..
  • Hex has some uses for patrol control, hard CC break and add control on the last boss.
  • Poison Cleansing Totem can be useful before the first boss.
  • In higher keys, Stoneskin Totem will help your tank during hard pulls and hard hitting bosses.

Skycap’n Kragg Notable Trash Mobs

  • Until you engage the first boss, Sharkbait will send Vile Bombardment puddles on random party members every 16 seconds.
  • Quickly move out of it to avoid taking damage from Vile Coating.
  • To bait it away from the group, do not stay in melee and stay spreaded at 5 yards from teammates.
  • Don’t be too far from the group for cleave and uptime purposes (see below).

Irontide Enforcer

  • Don’t be on the tank, Brutal Backhand is a frontal on them.
  • Shattering Toss will throw the tank on a random ranged. Don’t be too far from melee, it will help the tank going back in after being thrown.
  • Stay spreaded a 5 yds from your party to avoid sharing damage. Use Astral Shift as needed.

Irontide Mastiff

  • Low health and mostly does tank damage.

Irontide Corsair

Irontide Crackshot

  • These mobs are ranged caster and remain stationary while casting. If Talented, use Thunderstorm to pack them up. Be careful not to get aggro if the tank is not actively hitting them.
  • Dodge Azerite Grenade swirly. Use Spiritwalker’s Grace to keep uptime while dodging.

Irontide Bonesaw

Skycap’n Kragg

Phase 1: Sharkbait

  • Phase ends at 75% of the boss.
  • Dodge Charrrrrge swirly.
  • Pistol Shot can deal huge damage to a random target. Try to never be low on health or use a Astral Shift when it’s coming and you’re low on health.

Phase 2: Skycap’n Kragg

  • Bait Vile Bombardment puddles far from your melees.
  • Be farther than 30yds to avoid all damage from Azerite Powder Shot.
  • Dodge Dive Bomb.
  • Use Wind Shear to interrupt Revitalizing Brew. Successfully interrupting the channel will cause the brew to fall to the ground, allowing players to interact with it to channel and recover HP (this should almost never be used in live keys but could maybe become relevant).

Council of Captains Notable Trash Mobs

Notes: Compared to BfA, the Freehold Crew event was removed. You will not be able to join a crew, meaning all of the trash in the next area will be active each weeks.

Irontide Oarsman

  • Use Wind Shear to interrupt Sea Spout. Move away from the blue swirlies if the cast goes through.

Bilge Rat Padfoot

  • They will jump on a random target with Plague Step. Stay close to melee for cleave purposes.

Bilge Rat Brinescale

Bilge Rat Buccaneer

Bilge Rat Swabby

  • This. Is. The. Worst. Mob. In. The. Game. Albeit it’s better for caster, Slippery Suds will stun you if you jump with the 30s debuff.

Blacktooth Brute

Blacktooth Knuckleduster

Blacktooth Scrapper

Cutwater Duelist

  • Move to the side to dodge Duelist Dash swirly, you will be stun if you are between the mob and his charge point. Use Spiritwalker’s Grace to keep uptime while dodging.

Cutwater Knife Juggler

Cutwater Harpooner

Vermin Trapper

  • Move out of Rat Traps before it harms. Use Spirit Walk to remove the root if you get trapped.
  • In BfA, Ghost Wolf could be used to break all the traps just by running into them. This might or not might not still work. (TODO: CHECK THIS)

Soggy Shiprat

  • Low health and mostly does tank damage. They will not trigger on death affixes.

Council of Captains

Note: Since the crew event was removed, Captain Jolly is now a permanent ally of the players, meaning you will have to fight against Captain Raoul and Captain Eudora.

Captain Eudora

  • The most dangerous of the three, by far.
  • Powder Shot can deal huge damage to a random target. Try to never be low on health or use a Astral Shift when it’s coming and you’re low on health.
  • Grapeshot will make her jump to a corner of the arena and shoot huge frontals into the room. Use Spiritwalker’s Grace and Ghost Wolf to quickly reposition behind or to the side of her and avoid all damage.

Captain Raoul

  • Free your ally by killing the Blackout Barrel.
  • Stay away from melee to passively avoid Barrel Smash. This ability has an historically bad hitbox, so stay far to give yourself all chances to dodge it.

Captain Jolly

  • He will assist you by attacking the other captains and periodically buff you with Trade Wind’s Vigor.

Rummy Mancomb, The Barman!

  • The barman will throw brews that will do swirlies in the bosses arena. They all have the same animation but two are good and one is bad.
  • Confidence-Boosting Freehold Brew and Invigorating Freehold Brew will buff you and should always be soaked.
  • Caustic Freehold Brew will apply a DoT to anyone who soaks it. The Tank should try to make the bosses soak it, as it will damage them.
  • And the best thing is, there’s no real way to know which brew is coming without a boss mod or an addon. You could watch the barman cast bar but that’s more dangerous than anything as he stands pretty much outside of the arena. This weakaura (by Translit) will tell you when you should soak or not.

Ring of Booty Notable Trash Mobs

Irontide Crusher


  • There’s no real trick to catch the pig, try to spam click on his spawn location, then chase it in Ghost Wolf form

Ludwig Von Tortollan

  • His melees will destroy your tank in higher keys, consider using Stoneskin Totem to help them.
  • Keep your eyes open and dodge the incoming Shell Bounce. Try to keep Spiritwalker’s Grace for when there are multiple shells in the arena.
  • Be sure to apply Flame Shock to the training dummies on the outskirt of the ring for funnel in fire builds.


Harlan Sweete Notable Trash Mobs

Irontide Officer

  • Just does tank damage, notably with the Oiled Blade tank buster. However this mob is invulnerable to CC so nothing you can do about it.

Irontide Stormcaller

Irontide Ravager

  • Painful Motivation will apply a buff on a enemy that will make them do more damage but also drain their HP. Unless you know your tank is paper made, do not kick it.

Irontide Buccaneer

  • Blade Barrage is a low range frontal channel, just outrange it.

Harlan Sweete

Note: Harlan Sweete’s Cannon Barrage actually deals Friendly Fire damage to all other creatures in the instance (other than Harlan Sweete himself). This includes the summoned add Irontide Grenadier and all the trash surrounding the boss.

Halls of Infusion

Talent Choices

Optional Picks

  • Purge has one use before the first boss, but could be skipped.
  • Thunderstorm can be used for kiting and grouping. Thundershock can be used as an extra hard CC.
  • Hex can be used on the last boss to CC one of the Infusers and reduce the damage of the intermission.
  • Gust of Wind as a burst of mobility to move out of the various AoE.
  • Spirit Wolf is pretty good to run back during the last boss intermission.

Watcher Irideus Notable Trash Mobs

Primalist Geomancer

Primalist Ravager

  • Tailwind will buff its nearby ally. Do not do this mob in large pulls or kill it quickly.

Skulking Zealot

  • The mobs are using Stealth around the area, try to learn their position to not accidently run into them.
  • Kill them somewhat fast to avoid Rising Squall scaling to infinity.

Refti Defender

Containment Apparatus

  • Use Wind Shear to interrupt Expulse.
  • Expulse is an AoE that will deal huge damage to your party. Try to coordinate with your party to never let a cast go through. Use hard CC and interrupts when possible, and use Astral Shift as needed.
  • Be careful if you are targeted by multiple casts of Containment Beam. Use a defensive as needed.

TODO: It’s possible that Thunderous Paws or Spirit Walk can be used to cancel Containment Beam, feel free to tag @Elivrio#1450 on the Earthshrine Discord if you have evidence that it works.

Watcher Irideus

Phase 1

Intermission - Kill adds on shield

Gulping Goliath Notable Trash Mobs

Primalist Shocktrooper

Dazzling Dragonfly

  • Use Wind Shear to interrupt Dazzle.
  • Dazzle is a 10 yards frontal, don’t be in front of them in case you let it go through.

Curious Swoglet

Flamecaller Aymi

Squallbringer Cyraz

Gulping Goliath

Khajin the Unyielding Notable Trash Mobs

Primalist Galesinger

Primalist Icecaller

  • You should kill this mob in priority when you can.
  • Use hard CC to cancel cast Refreshing Tides.

TODO: Refreshing Tides is flagged as obselete on wowhead, but still appears and heals in Logs. Monitor and check if Blizzard removes it.

Primalist Earthshaker

Gusting Proto-Dragon

Glacial Proto-Dragon

Subterranean Proto-Dragon

Khajin the Unyielding

Primal Tsunami Notable Trash Mobs

Going to the last boss, the whole bridge is a gauntlet where Crashing Tsunami will constantly come toward you. Spiritwalker’s Grace is very potent in that area to dodge the incoming waves. You can stay behind a pillar in the middle of the hallway to ignore the incoming waves.

Aqua Rager


Infuser Sariya

Primal Tsunami

Phase 1

Intermission - Run back to the boss

Neltharion's Lair

Notable Talent Choices

  • Stoneskin Totem has value in higher keys. Many of the Party-wide damage spells and random ST damage spells are physical.
  • Purge is skippable in this dungeon, having no dispel available in the whole dungeon.

Rokmora Notable Trash Mobs

Rockback Gnasher

Embershard Scorpion

  • Just does Tank damage!

Understone Drudge

  • Just does Tank damage!

Vileshard Crawler

Vileshard Chunk

  • Stay farther than 10 yds away to passively dodge Crush, but don’t be too far out of melee if a Tarspitter Lurker is in the pack (see below).

Tarspitter Lurker

  • They will teleport behind a random player with Submerge then cast the Viscid Bile frontal. Don’t be too far from melee for cleave purposes.
  • Rancid Ooze will spawn an acid pool on death.

Vileshard Hulk

  • Sidestep the Piercing Shards frontal. It’s a 45 yds frontal and that must be dodged to the side.


Ularogg Cragshaper Notable Trash Mobs

Understone Drummer

  • This enemy patrols the area. Whenever it enters combat, it will run to the nearest Drums of War and channel War Drums, aggroing the nearby enemies and spawning additional ones.
  • Use Hex to help your group staying undetected, and quickly kill this mob when engaged.

Mightstone Breaker

Rockbound Pelter

  • This is the most annoying mob of the area. As a ranged caster, it is both very stationary and very deadly.
  • Be prepared for the incoming damage of Jagged Disc, constantly dealing moderate damage to random group member. When in packs of 2 or 3 mobs, Jagged Disc going on the same person multiple times becomes deadly very fast.
  • Use Stoneskin Totem as much possible to reduce party damage.
  • In addition to being stationary, it will not stay packed, using Retreat to disengage. Use Thunderstorm to pack them and CC to keep them in place.

Stoneclaw Hunter

Blightshard Shaper

Burning Geode

Ularogg Cragshaper

Naraxas Notable Trash Mobs

Stoneclaw Grubmaster

Rotdrool Grabber


  • Each time Naraxas devours a target, she gains a stack of Ravenous. But while she is devouring a target, she loses uptime. When the boss is low, you can intentionally let her devour a target to kill her faster.
  • Periodically, Wormspeaker Devout walk toward the boss and try to use Fanatic’s Sacrifice to grant a Ravenous stack to the boss. CC and use them as funnel targets as long as possible, only switch on them when necessary.
  • Stand far from the boss to drop the Rancid Maw puddles. The tank will use them to counter the grip from Spiked Tongue.
  • Use Ancestral Guidance to stabilize the group when needed as the Angry Crowd will use Hurling Rocks throughout the fight.

Dargrul Notable Trash Mobs

Emberhusk Dominator

  • Be prepared for the incoming damage of Crystal Spike, constantly dealing moderate damage to you. When in packs of 2 or 3 mobs, Crystal Spike be sure to use a defensive to counter it.
  • Dodge the Ember Swipe frontal.

Understone Demolisher

TODO: Check if a demolisher and a charskin are the same mob count. I remember that you can delay the transformation and even kill the mob before it transforms. But I don’t remember if it fucks up count.

Colossal Charskin

Rockbound Trapper

  • This mob is a ranged caster that is very stationary.
  • Use Wind Shear to interrupt Bound.
  • Be prepared for the incoming damage of Jagged Disc, constantly dealing moderate damage to random group member. When in packs of 2 or 3 mobs, Jagged Disc going on the same person multiple times becomes deadly very fast.
  • Use Stoneskin Totem as much possible to reduce party damage.
  • In addition to being stationary, it will not stay packed, using Retreat to disengage. Use Thunderstorm to pack them and CC to keep them in place.

Packs composed of Rockbound Trapper and Emberhusk Dominator combined will most likely kill you if your healer falls behind or if you don’t help him.



Notable Talent Choices

  • Cleanse Spirit is a mandatory talent for the last boss if your group doesn’t have a curse dispel.
  • Purge has some decent uses.

Magmatusk Notable Trash Mobs

Qalashi Warden

Qalashi Spinecrusher

  • Only does tank damage.

Qalashi Thaumaturge

Ore Elemental

Molten Elemental

Qalashi Plunderer


Chargath, Bane of Scales Notable Trash Mobs

Tamed Phoenix

Qalashi Hunter

Qalashi Trainee

  • Don’t be on the tank, Magma Fist is a frontal on them.

Qalashi Bonetender

Overseer Lahar

  • Use Wind Shear to interrupt Burning Roar. Beware, it will spell-lock you if you get hit while casting.
  • Stay farther than 15yds away to dodge most of his AoE.
  • Dodge the swirlies created by Eruptive Crush.

Chargath, Bane of Scales

Forgemaster Gorek Notable Trash Mobs

Qalashi Lavabearer

  • Dodge the red swirlies from Throw Lava and the following magma puddles.
  • Pools of magma will also be created by Lava Drip on each melee, enjoy the tank running out of Earthquake.

Lava Flare

Qalashi Irontorch

Qalashi Bonesplitter

Irontorch Commander

Qalashi Blacksmith

Forgewrought Monstrosity

Forgemaster Gorek

Profession buffs

Qalashi Goulash

Blazing Aegis

  • This is a Blacksmithing’s buff that is available on the Anvil of Forgemaster Gorek’s room after the fight ends. It can be used on a big pack to deal massive damage.

Warlord Sargha Notable Trash Mobs

Apex Blazewing

Qalashi Lavamancer

Warlord Sargha

Phase 1

Intermission - Break shield with Items

  • Magma Shield is the main mechanic of the fight. After the boss casts it, multiple piles of gold will spawn around the room.
  • Clicking on those piles will apply the Curse of the Dragon Hoard curse that you need to dispel as soon as possible with Cleanse Spirit.
  • You will gain an item usable with an extra button that will deal huge damage to Magma Shield. Here’s a list of them:

The Underrot

Notable Talent Choices

Elder Leaxa Notable Trash Mobs

Underrot Tick

Fetid Maggot

Chosen Blood Matron

  • Dodge the Savage Cleave frontal when she dashes near you. Use defensive as needed if it hits you and you get the ensuing bleed.
  • Warcry will buff the nearby allies, making this mob a priority target.

Fanatical Headhunter

Devout Blood Priest

Befouled Spirit

Elder Leaxa

Cragmaw the Infested Notable Trash Mobs

Diseased Lasher

Feral Bloodswarmer

Living Rot

Cragmaw the Infested

  • Each and every of his abilities will spawn some Blood Tick Larva that will drop on the ground. You need to step on them before they finish their Metamorphosis cast. Otherwise, be prepared to use a defensive when they die because of their Blood Burst ability.
  • Don’t be on the tank, Indigestion is a frontal cone on them (they can side step it).
  • Stand close to a wall to bait Charge into it, dropping Blood Tick Larva close to your party.
  • During tantrum, the boss will run around in the room, doing big damage on the party and dropping Blood Tick Larva everywhere in the room. Use a defensive, aid your healer with Ancestral Guidance combined with Spiritwalker’s Grace and be sure to help your party stepping on the Blood Ticks.

Sporecaller Zancha Notable Trash Mobs

Reanimated Guardian

Fallen Deathspeaker

Grotesque Horror

  • These worms hide in blood puddles and will be body pulled whenever somebody walks near them. Be sure to follow your group to not aggro extra count.
  • This mob is immobile.
  • Use Wind Shear to interrupt .

Reanimated Guardian

Sporecaller Zancha

Unbound Abomination Notable Trash Mobs

Faceless Corruptor

  • Abyssal Reach will summon tendrils that do a frontal in front of them. Look around you and move out when required.
  • Abyssal Reach is a frontal that fear.

Unbound Abomination

  • Due to Blood Barrier, damaging Unbound Abomination will fill it’s energy bar until it gains 100 energy. It will then spawn 2 Blood Visage, hitting for the boss for 17% of his health on death with Fatal Link.
  • Bait Vile Expulsion then move through the boss to dodge the breath. You might get a puddle under your feets but it doesn’t really matter, only the breath will heavily damage you.
  • The grey puddles created by Vile Expulsion will transform into Rotting Spore and will fly toward the party. You can use anything to keep them at bay, they will die in 1 hit. Dropping one Earthquake when their number spiral out of control can be a good idea.
  • Putrid Blood will be a DoT applied over time to the whole party and is the soft enrage of the boss. You need to periodically dispel it, either with your heal’s dispel or with Cleansing Light that will be cast on a random party member. Use defensives and Ancestral Guidance when the stacks start ramping up.
  • If you get the Cleansing Light buff, be sure to stack in melee to help your party. Be careful, there will be no Cleansing Light cast while a Blood Visage is alive.

The Vortex Pinnacle

Notable Talent Choices

  • Purge has some very good uses.

Grand Vizier Ertan Notable Trash Mobs

Armored Mistral

  • Stay farther than 15 yds away to passively dodge Pressurized Blast.
  • Cloud Guard will block and reflect all spells from a direction. Move to be able to hit the mob.

Gust Soldier

  • They will use Charge on a random ranged target. Use a defensive as needed if you’re low.

Wild Vortex

Cloud Prince

Lurking Tempest

  • A party member needs to always be looking at this mob to force it to Feign Death. Otherwise, it will cast Lethal Current, dealing heavy damage to the whole party.

Grand Vizier Ertan

Altairus Notable Trash Mobs

Turbulent Squall

Empyrean Assassin

  • Use Purge to dispel Vapor Form. You can also interrupt the cast but it might be worth to keep your kick.
  • They will jump on a random target with Assassinate. Stay close to melee for cleave purposes but spread at 5 yds from your allies.

Young Storm Dragon

Howling Gale


Asaad Notable Trash Mobs


  • In the spiral staircase, stay in front of a Zephyr tornado for free movement speed.

Grounding Field

  • The big lightning cage will redirect any spell with Grounding Field. Help your tank kiting the mobs out of it then stay in it as much as possible to protect yourself from the adds’ spells.

Executor of the Caliph

  • Don’t stay behind the tank, Shockwave is a frontal on them.
  • Rally will buff the pack to reflect some damage to you. The damage is minimal, so unless you’re really low, ignore this.

Servant of Asaad

  • They will jump on a random target with Charge. Stay close to melee for cleave purposes but spread at 5 yds from your allies.

Minister of Air

Temple Adept

Skyfall Star

  • They will spread out as soon as you engage them. Wait for your whole group and try to burst them down quickly.
  • As Starlight damages a random party member, be prepared to use a defensive if you’re targeted by multiple ones.


Uldaman: The Legacy of Tyr

Notable Talent Choices

  • Purge, has some really good uses, notably on shields.
  • Stoneskin Totem has value in higher keys. Many of the Party-wide damage spells and random ST damage spells are physical.
  • Cleanse Spirit is sort of mandatory for the thrashes after the third boss.
  • Hex has value to control the adds on the second boss.

Dungeon buffs

Three Crumbling Rock Vein are located throughout the dungeon. A player with at least 25 skill in Dragon isles Mining can interact with it to discover a Lost Tome of Tyr, granting players 10% movement speed outside of combat.

The Lost Vikings Notable Trash Mobs

Stonevault Geomancer

Vicious Basilisk

Hulking Berserker

  • Stay farther than 7 yds away to passively dodge Brutal Slam.
  • At 40% hp, it will cast Reckless Rage, buffing all nearby enemies. Be ready to use your crowd control to help the tank kite as needed.

The Lost Vikings


Eric The Swift

  • Dodge Skullcracker’s swirly or you will be disoriented.
  • Dagger Throw targets a random player, try to stay outside of killing range or use defensives when needed.


Bromach Notable Trash Mobs

Burly Rock-Thrower

  • These mobs are ranged caster and remain stationary while casting. Follow your party to LoS them or use Thunderstorm to pack them up.
  • Watch your feet and dodge the Throw Rock swirlies.

Stonevault Ambusher

  • They will jump on a random target with Ambush. Stay close to melee for cleave purposes.


Sentinel Talondras Notable Trash Mobs

Earthen Custodian

  • Don’t be on the tank, Cleave cleaves (duh).

Refti Custodian

  • Use Purge to dispel Ancient Power. TODO: Check if this is indeed purgeable. Wowhead says “remove the debuff” in their guide but doesn’t say how and the spell isn’t flagged as a magic buff

Sentinel Talondras

  • Due to Ancient Dynamo, the boss must be stunned to counter Titanic Empowerment at 100 energy.
  • The tank must kite the boss through Resonating Orb to get rid of Inexorable and eventually stun it.
  • You must dodge Resonating Orb at all cost or you will be unable to stun the boss. Try to stay close to the tank to bait the orbs close enough.
  • Crushing Stomp will deal physical damage and knock you back. Stay clear of Resonating Orb and use a defensive as needed. This is a good place to use Stoneskin Totem if talented. TODO: Check if this spell-locks or is just a knockback.
  • Unrelenting makes the fight scaling over time each time you stun the boss, be sure to use your defensives on Crushing Stomp at higher stack.

Emberon Notable Trash Mobs

Earthen Weaver

Runic Protector

Earthen Warder

Skittering Crawler

  • They will jump on a random target with Ambush. Stay close to melee for cleave purposes, but not in melee (see below).

Cavern Seeker

  • Stay farther than 10 yds away to avoid passively. Beware, it will spell-lock you if you get hit while casting.


Phase 1

Intermission - Shield and rotating beam

  • Kill the 4 Vault Keeper to end the phase.
  • Boss goes immune in the middle of the room, creates a big Sacred Barrier around him.
  • Rotate around the room to dodge the Purging Flames rotating beam.
  • Be sure to not outrange your healer while going to the adds. Fire Wave will deal party wide damage, use Ancestral Guidance as needed to help your party.

Chrono-Lord Deios Notable Trash Mobs

Ebonstone Golem

Earthen Guardian

  • Get out of the dome created by Blessing of Tyr as it will deal damage to you. Your tank should kite the mobs out of it as they will get buffed. You can use Thunderstorm if talented to help.

Infinite Agent

Infinite Timereaver

Chrono-Lord Deios

Phase 1

Intermission - Burn phase

Useful WeakAuras

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