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Information on this page is written with the assumption that you understand the new priority list, talents, and legendary items introduced in Shadowlands. If you have not done so, we highly recommend reading our other resources to learn about them!

This guide is intended to help you identify critical mobs and abilities as well as improve your mechanical literacy in using your toolkit as an Elemental Shaman in each dungeon. If you have any feedback about this guide, please feel welcome to reach out to the team!

Talents and Legendaries

For novice Elemental Shaman, we recommend the following:

This setup is great for players starting out as well as for +15 keys and beyond. Echoes of Great Sundering is the most beneficial legendary power for AoE while also offering strong single target damage.

In coordinated and varied group compositions, you may consider Elemental Blast, Storm Elemental, and/or Ancestral Guidance as potential talents, as well as Windspeaker’s Lava Resurgence or Skybreaker’s Fiery Demise as potential legendary powers. Think critically about what your group needs to decide if you want to explore those options or not. For more reading, please visit our Talents and Legendaries pages.

Miscellaneous Tips

  • Although strategies are listed for mobs and bosses, communicating with your group how each pull should be executed is more important. Some suggestions may not be applicable depending on your group’s strategy.

  • Earth Elemental is a potent ability best used to soak damage away from the tank or as an emergency button to avoid a party wipe. Communicate with your tank on using Earth Elemental for challenging trash packs as well as remind your healer to keep the Earth Elemental healthy as needed. Remember that with Primal Elementalist, you can manually move the pet, and you have access to an additional defensive with Harden Skin and single-target stun with Pulverize. However, keep in mind that you cannot have Earth Elemental and Fire Elemental summoned at the same time with Primal Elementalist.

  • Often times, your tank may need to kite. Remember the kiting tools at your disposal (Earthbind Totem, Frost Shock, Capacitor Totem, Thunderstorm) to distance trash packs away from your tank.

  • Routinely support your healer and your group with healing abilities and Cleanse Spirit. Note that the healers that cannot remove Curses are: Discipline Priest, Holy Priest, Holy Paladin, and Mistweaver Monk.

  • Plan with your group in advance on where to use Bloodlust/Heroism.

  • Learn to log your dungeon runs! Warcraft Logs filters dungeons with pull-by-pull analyses and records replays of dungeon runs. Having logs available to share are helpful for you to receive actionable feedback.


Level 4:

  • Bolstering: Damage trash packs down as evenly as you can. Swap to priority damage rotation for any lethal mobs or if mob health within trash packs are uneven.
  • Bursting: Support your party members and use your healing abilities to mitigate the Bursting debuff. Use Astral Shift as needed if stacks are high.
  • Inspiring: Crowd control mobs with Inspiring Presence with Hex as needed and when possible.
  • Raging: Be ready to use your kiting toolkit to support your tank when needed. Consider using Capacitor Totem and Stormkeeper to finish Raging mobs more safely and quickly.
  • Sanguine: Damage trash packs down as evenly as you can to lessen time spent in Sanguine, but be sure to not slow or stun mobs dying unevenly. Use Thunderstorm as needed to knock mobs out of Sanguine.
  • Spiteful: As mobs are dying, be ready to use your kiting toolkit to support your melee players. Consider taking advantage of Spiteful Shade as additional Chain Lightning or Flame Shock targets.

Level 7:

Seasonal Affix:

  • Prideful: Prideful is best used before bosses or challenging trash packs, but keep in mind that Bursting With Pride will make up a large source of your damage taken. Plan your damage and defensive cooldowns accordingly, either for the Manifestation of Pride itself or for the pull afterwards, and use healing abilities as needed when fighting the Manifestation of Pride.


Click on a dungeon banner to expand it.

De Other Side

Enraged Spirit

Risen Cultist

Death Speaker

Atal’ai Devoted

Atal’ai High Priest

Atal’ai Hoodoo Hexxer

Atal’ai Deathwalker

Hakkar the Soulflayer

Defunct Dental Drill

  • Haywire is dangerous when Fortified, but a common tactic is to just line-of-sight this.

Headless Client

Volatile Memory


Sentient Oil

The Manastorms

When Millhouse is active:

When Millificent is active:

Weald Shimmermoth

  • Party members should be jumping to remove Soporific Shimmerdust. If your party members aren’t jumping, this can be dispelled with Cleanse Spirit. If your party members do end up falling asleep from this debuff, Tremor Totem can also be used to dispel it.

Spriggan Barkbinder

Mythresh, Sky’s Talons

Bladebeak Hatchling

  • Frightened Cries will aggro nearby Bladebeak Matriarchs and Territorial Bladebeaks which may cause your pull to go out of hand. Use Hex or Capacitor Totem to hard cancel this ability.

Dealer Xy’exa


Halls of Atonement

Depraved Houndmaster

Depraved Obliterator

Depraved Collector

Shard of Halkias

Halkias, the Sin-Stained Goliath

Stoneborn Reaver


High Adjudicator Aleez

Inquisitor Sigar

Lord Chamberlain

Mists of Tirna Scithe

Drust Spiteclaw

Drust Harvester

Drust Boughbreaker

  • When these mobs reach 50% health, they will channel Furious Thrashing which is dangerous when Fortified. Use Astral Shift or healing abilities as needed.
  • If you move as the Bramble Burst cast finishes, you can avoid the initial damage.

Ingra Maloch

Mistveil Shaper

Mistveil Guardian

Mistveil Tender


Spinemaw Staghorn



Decaying Flesh Giant


Fungi Stormer

Pestilent Harvester

Gushing Slime


Blighted Spinebreaker

  • When these mobs die, they will spawn Slithering Ooze which will cast Metamorphosis. Kill these by instantly stepping on them, and use Astral Shift as needed.


Rotmarrow Slime

Pestilence Slime

Virulax Blightweaver

Congealed Slime

Doctor Ickus

  • Funnel more priority damage to the Plague Bomb by casting Flame Shock on the boss and Congealed Slime. If your group is planning to CC the Congealed Slime, do not Flame Shock it. Consider holding cooldowns for the Plague Bomb as well if needed.
  • Use Spiritwalker’s Grace as needed to avoid Slime Lunge.
  • Interrupt Burning Strain if no targets are within melee range of the boss.

Defender of Many Eyes

Brood Ambusher

Venomous Sniper

Domina Venomblade

Ickor Bileflesh

Margrave Stradama

Sanguine Depths

Gluttonous Tick


Wicked Oppressor

Dark Acolyte

Grand Overseer

Chamber Sentinel

Depths Warden

Remnant of Fury

  • Explosive Anger can be interrupted, but it is a damage buff with a DoT. It may be helpful to let this cast go off on a party member for a few seconds before dispelling with Cleanse Spirit.

Infused Quill-feather

Executor Tarvold

Grand Proctor Beryllia

General Kaal

Spires of Ascension

Forsworn Castigator

Forsworn Goliath

  • Interrupt Rebellious Fist. Consider this the highest priority interrupt in any pack you see this mob in.

Forsworn Mender


Forsworn Stealthclaw

  • These mobs stealth, but if you know their position, you can use Earthbind Totem to aggro and bait them out.

Forsworn Champion

Forsworn Inquisitor

Forsworn Squad-Leader


Forsworn Warden

Forsworn Justicar


Devos, Paragon of Doubt

The Necrotic Wake

Patchwerk Soldier

  • These mobs will Leap at ranged players. Position yourself close so tank and melee players don’t have to chase far.

Corpse Harvester

Stitched Vanguard

Blight Bag

  • These mobs will Leap at ranged players. Position yourself close so tank and melee players don’t have to chase far.

Zolramus Gatekeeper


Zolramus Bonemender

Zolramus Sorcerer

Zolramus Necromancer, Brittlebone Mage

  • Prioritze interrupting Brittlebone Mage’s Frostbolt Volley; interrupt the Necromancer’s Necrotic Bolt otherwise.
  • Focus down Zolramus Necromancer by casting Flame Shock on the Brittlebone mobs around it to funnel more priority damage.

Skeletal Marauder

  • Interrupting Rasping Scream and stay ranged to avoid it. If a cast goes off, cast Tremor Totem to dispel any Feared party members.


Skeletal Monstrosity

Amarth, The Harvester

Corpse Collector

Flesh Crafter

Stitching Assistant, Separation Assistant

Surgeon Stitchflesh

Nalthor the Rimebinder

Theater of Pain

Battlefield Ritualist

Raging Bloodhorn

  • Raging Tantrum is dangerous when Fortified. If your group does not have an enrage dispel, use Astral Shift or healing abilities as needed.

An Affront of Challengers

Blighted Sludge-Spewer

Disgusting Refuse

  • These mobs will leap at ranged players with Leaping Thrash. Position yourself close so tank and melee players don’t have to chase far.

Putrid Butcher

Diseased Horror


Dokigg the Brutalizer, Nekthara the Mangler

Only one of these duelists will be active in a run.

When Dokigg is active:

  • Brutal Leap will target a ranged player. Position yourself close so tank and melee players don’t have to chase far.
  • Interrupt Battle Trance.

When Nekthara is active:

Harugia the Bloodthirsty, Heavin the Breaker

Only one of these duelists will be active in a run.

When Harugia is active:

When Heavin is active:

Rek the Hardened, Advent Nevermore

Only one of these duelists will be active in a run.

When Rek is active:

When Advent Nevermore is active:

Ancient Captain

Shambling Arbalest

Xav the Unfallen

Portal Guardian

Maniacal Soulbinder

Bone Magus

Nefarious Darkspeaker


Mordretha, the Endless Empress