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  • As Season Four is going to be handled uniquely in Shadowlands, the format for guide content will be different to reflect this. Here we will cover the general information about raiding in Season Four, whilst specific raid and boss related information will be updated in the relevant guides.

  • All updated boss build recommendations will be based around having an active T28: Fireheart 4p bonus. This is because most players will either be carrying their existing tier items into Season Four or be able to generate one quickly enough that this should not be problematic. Some scenarios are more likely to be impacted by a lack of tier bonus than others, in these cases a note will be made.

What has changed in Season Four?

  • The addition of the Fated system for selecting which raid will represent the hardest challenge on any given reset. This includes scaling the raid up to suitable base difficulty for current content and the addition of Fated specific abilities/mechanics.
    • Creation Spark - Targeted players are given a dispellable debuff. Once removed Creation Sparks soaks will appear on the ground. To avoid taking damage soak the ground-effect and benefit from a Haste and movement speed buff aura.
    • Reconfiguration Emitter - An enemy spawns that attempts to cast an AoE damage ability. The longer this enemy survives the higher its damage done and Energy becomes. When it is defeated players are granted a Crit, Mastery, Vers and Avoidance buff based on the amount of Energy the enemy had.
    • Protoform Barrier - Grants a buff to an enemy. When this buff is removed an enemy will spawn, protecting other enemies within its shield radius. The shield may be broken by reducing it through damage, but can also be reduced by healing targets. Once broken players receive a Total Health, Damage, Healing and Absorbs Done proportional to their contribution in breaking the shield.
    • Chaotic Essence - Summons an interactable Orb which generates enemies. Killing an enemy causes another one to spawn. After a set amount of time players gain a Damage, Healing and Absorbs Done buff for each enemy killed within the time limit. Note: because this affix causes AoE damage to be beneficial group-wide it can be useful to use an AoE setup for this affix just to attain a higher buff for the entire group - or, perhaps more selfishly, you get higher overall value by dealing more damage to the adds.
  • World bosses are attached to each raid tier; Mortanis / Oranomonos / Nurgash / Valinor = Castle Nathria, Mor’geth = Sanctum of Domination, Antros = Sepulcher of the First Ones. When their associated raid is Fated these world bosses will drop improved item level loot.

  • The addition of Puzzling Cartel Dinar. A new token system whereby completing Fated raid content will reward you with up to three tokens via a questline, these tokens can then be used to buy specific items from new vendors found near the Great Vault in Oribos.

Did Elemental Shaman receive any changes that may impact our choices in Season Four?

  • Broadly, no. The most significant difference Elemental will have in Season Four compared to what we had when clearing the previous raids is carrying the T28: Fireheart 4p bonus with us, which results in our build choices remaining largely the same as they were in Season 3 just applied to previous content bosses.

Where can I find boss-specific information? or information about M+?