Just now the Shadowlands Alpha Client was pushed in an non-encrypted version. We can therefore expect datamining and hopefully someone will gain access to it, too. In any case, we’re looking forward to more information and would like to remind everyone to stay calm, read, wonder, think, and provide constructive feedback. Talk about your feelings, expectations, what and why you enjoy and dislike something. And do it in a calm manner.

I intend to introduce a new link in the top menu, that should keep track of the current state of Elemental Shamans in Shadowlands. Creating those pages will take some time, though. So please check back and especially read carefully and regularly, cause a lot is bound to change. The new area will consist of two things, first it’ll show the plain numbers, mechanics, and explain interactions. And secondly we might provide comments about those.

Even though I write “we”, I didn’t discuss this with the others, so there might be some changes to my spontaneous plans. Especially because I’m working on creating some cool and personalized stuff over at, too. So get ready and get hyped.

It’s happening.

Yours sincerely,