Greetings, this post will talk about legendary effects. As always my perspective is purely about PvE.

Ancestral Reminder

Bloodlust or any similar effects last an additional 20.0 sec on you, and you gain an extra 10% Haste from any Bloodlust type effect.

Further empowering Bloodlust, especially extending its already long duration without us having any other tool to capitalize on this gain feels wrong. I’m sure this legendary will perform well. In any situation, unless you use Bloodlust 40 seconds before the kill. Which is going to happen on quite a few fights to get through the final phase. And your raid won’t plan around a shaman with this effect, probably wasting its effectiveness. A 60 second burst “window” is no longer a window, but a whole phase. I’m not thrilled to use it by any means, even though it’ll probably be solid.

Chains of Devastation

Casting Chain Heal makes your next Chain Lightning instant cast. Casting Chain Lightning makes your next Chain Heal instant cast.

This legendary, while working for all three specs, seems to be the ultimate hybrid. And I mean ultimate in its most positive and negative connotation. It’s the most positive incarnation because it makes me use and combine a healing spell to directly affect and empower a damaging one and vice versa. It’s the most negative incornation because it doesn’t provide enough benefit for the buck. Especially by being locked into AoE. It’s a throughput loss for healing. It’s a throughput loss for damage. It’s not an option for single target. Thus, it’s not an option.

Deeply Rooted Elements

Casting Lava Burst has a 5% chance to activate Ascendance for 6.0 sec.

Using this legendary makes me want to have Echo of the Elements baseline. This way I can capitalize on the Ascendance proc and thus the free Lava Bursts even more. Creating a small but feeling great feedback loop. What’s not so nice is, that Lava Burst has no interaction with Fulmination and Seismic Thunder. So the better you use this legendary the less you interact with the other part of your spells. But the split between these spell groups is not the fault of this legendary.

While probably obvious I still feel the need to state this: any effect that empowers Lightning Bolt and Fulmination essentially weakens this legendary. I don’t like this thought.

This effect has quite a few bugs.

Deeptremor Stone

Earth Elemental has a permanent Earthquake attached to it.

I’m not able to express how vexing this effect is to me. Adding damage to our auto-AoE-taunting elemental will compel players (especially if this effect sims well) to use the elemental on CD. Regardless of the state of the pull, plan, pug. This WILL throw shade on the whole class. Unless Earth Elemental will no longer grab agro, but this would remove a tool for…style?

Echoes of Great Sundering

When you consume 6 or more stacks of Fulmination with Earth Shock, your next Earthquake will be instant cast and deal 6% additional damage.

A 6 Fulmination effect. We have 3 of those now. The actual effect of letting me cast the otherwise AoE spender is welcomed return. Sadly this legendary is a pure single target effect. I’d love to see it work in reverse as well. Or… well… if Earthquake would just consume Fulmination and Seismic Thunder is removed. But I’m diverting from my goal of trying to not suggest anything and only providing feedback.

Elemental Equilibrium

Dealing direct Fire damage increases the damage of your next Frost spell by 30%. Dealing Frost damage increases the damage of your next Nature spell by 25%. Dealing Nature damage increases the damage of your next Fire spell by 20%.

A weird one. Why weird? Because Frost is not part of our usual spells unless you chose Icefury. On the other hand, I’ve heard Enhancers use all spell schools equally…? So this legendary either ignored this or it tries to push Frost Shock into the priority list. What would the later mean? At least it would reduce the number of Fulmination generation per minute if you want to spend your Fire spell triggered buffs. It would reduce the generation of Fulmination even further if you want/need to empower all Lightning Bolts. Therefore to me this effect seems weird to me. Of course there is always the “ignore it” option. But…that would be quite the pity.

Earthquake is not affected by it at all.

This effect has quite a few bugs.

Skybreaker’s Fiery Demise

Flame Shock damage over time critical strikes reduce the cooldown of Storm Elemental / Fire Elemental by 1.0 sec, and Flame Shock has a 30% increased critical strike chance.

This one will be a very solid buff to Flame Shock. I don’t expect the elemental cooldown reduction to be noticeable. Except for maybe m+. But you either pull around cooldowns anyway or you aren’t and then this reduction will be somewhat whatever. The immediat impact will be Flame Shock. Therefore it’ll affect single target and cleave.

Windspeaker’s Lava Resurgence

When you consume 6 or more stacks of Fulmination with Earth Shock, gain Lava Surge and increase the damage of your next Lava Burst by 6%.

A 6 Fulmination effect. We have 3 of those now. I welcome an effect that allows a direct pointer from the secondary spells to our primary one. I’m just not sure if this will be impactful enough. Considering that Fulmination is only generated on pure single target this legendary is pretty limited, too.

Looks like we don’t have an AoE option. And no…the Earth Elemental is not one, because it would pull threat for sure.

Next stop: conduits. Hint: Empowering Lightning Bolt and Fulmination spenders is a reduction to the impact of Lava Burst.

Yours sincerely,