as you might’ve noticed over the last few months, not a lot of action happened here. While we don’t have some exciting roadmap to share, I still wanted to let you know, that I’m still dedicated to let Storm, Earth & Lava be an excellent resource for Elemental Shamans.

Storm, Earth & Lava once more saw an update and will continue to do so.

If you spot something wrong, misleading, misrepresented, outdated, or otherwise noteworthy use one of the following contact avenues to let us know. The list is ordered from most useful to “good enough”.

  1. Create a Github Issue.
  2. Let us know in the Storm, Earth & Lava dedicated discord: Storm Earth & Lava.
  3. Let us know in Earthshrine discord: Earthshrine (Bloodmallet(EU)#8246 and other Elemental mods and MVPs)

If you want to help out yourself, let us know as well. This whole website is an open source project. So you can contribute.

Yours sincerely,