“What is happening?”

For those who play Night Fae, particularly in M+ content, there is a known issue regarding Fae Transfusion being cancelled partway through it’s channel. The crux of the issue seems to lie in gaining or receiving buffs:

  • Kul’tharok in Theater of Pain has abilities that grant buffs and debuffs to your character
  • The Anima Power Satchel of the Hunt due to its limited range can also cause the same issue if positions change
  • Trinkets with associated buffs/debuffs on the player can also trigger this issue. Sunblood Amethyst for example.

“How impactful is this?”

Given the introduction of Seeds of Rampant Growth which grants bonus Crit % and CDR based on the number of ticks executed, this unfortunate interaction causes lost value which can feel incredibly bad. Overall it has negligible impact upon how the Night Fae Covenant performs in M+ content, but if you find this interaction frustrating then using Echoes of Great Sundering can make more sense, to reduce the value lost when it occurs.

Make informed choices,