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This post collects changes. It does not necessarily analyze them in depths. It’ll be regularly updated and should contain all changes to be expected to Elemental Shamans in the upcoming patch 10.1. In case something is missing, please let us know.


  • Earthquake tooltip now states that multiple Earthquakes can overlap.

Developers’ note: This is not a change in functionality, only a clarification on the spell’s tooltip.

Source: Blue Post (2023-05-16)

Brimming with Life

  • Brimming with Life now increases your maximum health by 8% at all times (was while Reincarnation is off cooldown).

Developers’ note: This talent change should allow Shaman to use their Reincarnation ability without worrying about their health being lower for subsequent pulls or the rest of a dungeon where the lower maximum health might be a liability.

Source: Blue Post (2023-05-16)

Ancestral Guidance

  • Ancestral Guidance now caps the amount of potential healing per tick at 20% of your maximum health, to up to 3 targets.
  • Ancestral Guidance can no longer cause healing from non-class abilities (such as trinkets, weapon enchants, potion, etc.).

Developers’ note: We’re making some more adjustments to Ancestral Guidance this week to allow it to once again work with all of your abilities but with a cap on how much can be healed per second. This should keep AoE damage or healing scenarios stronger than single target with regards to healing throughput, but should lessen the power of individual abilities doing tremendous amounts of healing in a single moment.

Source: Blue Post (2023-05-24)

  • Ancestral Guidance now only converts single target damaging abilities into healing (was all damage abilities). The conversion of healing spells into healing has been unchanged.

Developers’ Note: We are reducing the effectiveness of group healing from DPS from damage-to-healing conversion sources. The abilities affected are Vampiric Embrace, Nature’s Vigil, and Ancestral Guidance. While we want hybrid DPS to be able to contribute healing to the group, these spells have become powerful enough to temporarily alleviate a healer’s role without interrupting the hybrid’s DPS rotation.

Developers’ Note: Ancestral Guidance is a powerful hybrid tool, but it was providing too much healing to your party when combined with big bursts of area damage. Abilities such as Primordial Wave that change your single target damage spell into something that hits multiple targets will be adjusted to only work from the initial Lightning Bolt or Lava Burst cast, any subsequent targets will not count as damage dealt to convert to healing.

Source: Blue Post (2023-05-16)