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This page has the answers to some frequently asked questions for Elemental Shamans.

Q: “Will Elemental be viable in ?"

Firstly, no spec in the game is unviable. Certain specs may be favoured for certain bosses in a raid, but this is only relevant to the very highest end of raiding (ie, competing for world first). Elemental (and every other spec) will remain competitive for 99.9% of the playerbase.

Q: “Is there a point where I don’t cast Earth Shock with Echoes of Great Sundering equipped?”

No, the value added by the Echoes of Great Sundering buff scales with additional targets so it is always worthwhile to alternate spenders with Echoes of Great Sundering equipped.

Q: “What Pots/Food/Flasks should I use?”

See the Consumables section of the guide.

Q: “How many targets should I cast Flame Shock on?”

See the Priority List section of the guide.

Q: “When do I cast Chain Lightning?”

See the Priority List section of the guide.

Q: “Does Earthquake stack?”

Yes, Earthquake stacks and has no stack limit.

Q: “When should I stop using Earth Shock and use Earthquake?”

In general, stop using Earth Shock against two targets or more. But check out the Priority List page for more information.

Q: “When is the best time to use Primal Fire Elemental’s Meteor and Storm Elemental’s ?”

Note: This only applies when talented into Primal Elementalist. Both abilities can be macro’d. See useful macros further down.

In 9.2 with Tier Set active, you will want to aim to keep your Elemental’s abilities on cooldown to maximise uses. If delaying by a small amount will allow you to hit multiple targets then it is a gain to do so, be aware that should also be buffed by Call Lightning. Without an active Tier Set you should aim to delay both Meteor and if they could hit multiple targets within the Elemental’s duration. If there is no upcoming AoE, just ensure they are used before the Elemental fades. Binding these abilities to a key can be particularly helpful. Check out the macro section of this page, if you need help with that.

Q: “Is there a way to enable/disable Earth Elemental taunt without screwing up my autocast settings of the DPS Elemental?”

Note: This only applies when talented into Primal Elementalist.

Not that we’re aware of. The Elementals’ autocast settings are shared between the Elemental pets. If you deactivate or activate it on one button, the matching button of the other Elementals will share that setting. We hope, that this will be changed.

Q: “Do I use Lava Burst during Storm Elemental?”

After the change to Wind Gust it is always an increase in Single Target scenarios to hardcast Lava Burst during Storm Elemental. This is true regardless of T28: Fireheart 2p and T28: Fireheart 4p. Check out the Priority List and special notes on that website for in depth information.

Q: “What is funnelling?”

Funneling is the act of casting Flame Shock on multiple targets in order to generate procs with the intention of increasing your damage on one target.

Q: “How does interact with procs and abilities?”

does not interact with procs and abilities. It will only echo the base ability. Echoed casts may consume buffs. E.g. Stormkeeper will be consumed by echoed Lightning Bolt.

Q: “What are some useful Macros?”

This Macro allows you to place an Earthquake at your cursor:

/cast [@cursor] Earthquake

This macro allows you to cast the Elementals Ability or Icefury, depending on your talents. The correct icon is shown once you’ve loaded the ability at least once (e.g. by summoning your Elemental) after logging in.

/use [talent:6/3]Icefury;[pet: Primal Storm Elemental]Eye of the Storm;[pet: Primal Fire Elemental]Meteor;[pet: Primal Earth Elemental]Harden Skin

This macro is a handy mouseover macro for Flame Shock.

/cast [@mouseover,harm,nodead][] Flame Shock

This macro allows you to summon your and active its defensive CD via double click. If your is active will simply go on CD and nothing else will happen, so don’t try this with your DPS Elemental being active.

/cast Earth Elemental
/cast [talent:6/2] Harden Skin

You can also adapt this macro to dismiss the after getting Harden Skin.

/cast Earth Elemental
/cast [talent:6/2] Harden Skin
/script PetDismiss()

Talent Row Merging Macros

  • Level 25 Macro - Swaps between and Elemental Blast.
    /use [talent:2/2]Echoing Shock;[talent:2/3]Elemental Blast
  • Level 40 Macro - Swaps between Ancestral Guidance and Wind Rush Totem. Casts Wind Rush Totem at your cursor.
    /use [talent:5/2]Ancestral Guidance;[@cursor,talent:5/3]Wind Rush Totem
  • Level 50 Macro - Swaps between Stormkeeper and Ascendance.
    /use [talent:7/2]Stormkeeper;[talent:7/3]Ascendance
  • Elemental Shield Macro - Casts Earth Shield on yourself. Otherwise cast Lightning Shield
    /use [@player,talent:3/2]Earth Shield;[notalent:3/2]Lightning Shield
  • Dispel Macro - Swaps between Purge and depending on enemy or friendly target.
    /use [@mouseover,harm,nodead]Purge;[@mouseover,help,nodead]Cleanse Spirit;[harm]Purge;Cleanse Spirit
  • Chain Macro - Swaps between Chain Lightning and depending on enemy or friendly target.
    /use [@mouseover,harm,nodead]Chain Lightning;[@mouseover,help,nodead]Chain Heal;[harm]Chain Lightning;Chain Heal
  • Covenant Ability Macro - Swaps between Primordial Wave, Fae Transfusion, and Vesper Totem depending on current Covenant.
    /use [@cursor]Vesper Totem
    /use [@cursor]Fae Transfusion
    /use [@mouseover,harm,nodead][harm]Primordial Wave
    /run local G=GetSpellInfo SetMacroSpell(GetRunningMacro(), G"Primordial Wave" or G"Vesper Totem" or G"Fae Transfusion")
  • Covenant Signature Ability Macro - Swaps between Fleshcraft, Soulshape, and Summon Steward depending on current Covenant.
    /use [@cursor]Door of Shadows
    /use Soulshape
    /use Fleshcraft
    /use Summon Steward
    /run local G=GetSpellInfo SetMacroSpell(GetRunningMacro(), G"Door of Shadows" or G"Soulshape" or G"Fleshcraft" or "Summon Steward")