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This page has the answers to some frequently asked questions for Elemental Shamans.

Q: “Will Elemental be viable in Dragonflight 10.0.7?”

  • Firstly, no spec in the game is unviable. Certain specs may be favored for certain bosses in a raid, but this is only relevant to the very highest end of raiding (ie, competing for world first). Elemental (and every other spec) will remain competitive for 99.9% of the player base.

Q: “What do all these abbreviations mean? I can’t understand other Elemental Shaman!”

  • It can be tough trying to learn all of them at once but there is a handy resource to help you! Elemental Abbreviations.

Q: “What does Flash of Lightning actually reduce?”

Q: “Is there a point where I don’t cast Earth Shock with Echoes of Great Sundering talented?”

  • No, unless you have Elemental Blast talented this part of the rotation remains the same as Shadowlands: always alternate!

Q: “Okay, so what about Elemental Blast and/or Echoes of Great Sundering then?!”

Q: “What Pots/Food/Phials should I use?”

Q: “How many targets should I cast Flame Shock on?”

  • See the Priority List for each build in the Build section of the guide.

Q: “When do I cast Chain Lightning?”

Q: “What about with Stormkeeper?”

Q: “Does Earthquake stack?”

  • Yes, Earthquake stacks and has no stack limit. Also Haste doesn’t affect its tick rate.

Q: “When should I stop using Earth Shock and use Earthquake?”

  • In general, stop using Earth Shock against two targets or more. But check out the Priority List page for more information.

Q: “When is the best time to use Primal Fire Elemental’s Meteor and Primal Storm Elemental’s Tempest?”

  • When they would hit the most targets. For Tempest specifically, you need to ensure it is also fully buffed by Call Lightning.
    Note: This only applies when talented into Primal Elementalist. Both abilities can be macro’d. See useful macros further down.

Q: “Is there a way to enable/disable Earth Elemental taunt without screwing up my autocast settings of the DPS Elemental?”

  • Not that we’re aware of. The Elementals’ autocast settings are shared between the Elemental pets. If you deactivate or activate it on one button, the matching button of the other Elementals will share that setting. We hope that this will be changed.
    Note: This only applies when talented into Primal Elementalist.

Q: “Do I use Lava Burst during Storm Elemental?”

  • Storm Elemental does not alter the rotation for the builds that use it during its duration, you will typically behave the same regardless of it being active.

Q: “What is funnelling?”

  • Funneling is the act of casting Flame Shock on multiple targets in order to generate Lava Surge procs with the intention of increasing your damage on one target.

Q: “Do you have any recommendation on how to sim and profiles to use while simming?”

  • For a complete guide about Elemental’s sim, see this post.

Q: “What are some useful Macros?”

  • See the Macros section of the guide.